Steps for Filing Online APR 

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

  2. Go to the Website of Coal India Limited i.e.

  3. Click on the “Vigilance” link present on the top corner of the Coal India website.

  4. A new page opens. Click on “Annual Property Return” link.

  5. Once you click on it, a new window of “Annual Property Return” opens.

  6. Enter the User-id as your Coal India Personnel Number and first time password as Personnel No prefixed by “E”. For ex-If the Personnel Number is 90000001 then the user name will be “90000001” and first time password will be “E90000001”.

  7. On first time login, you are prompted to change your password.    The password should be at least of 8 characters, should have at least 1 Capital letterone numeric letter and at least 1 special character. Also enter your E-Mail Id and Mobile No. Click on OK.

  8. Once you click on OK the password is changed and you are again required to login using the user-id and the new password.

  9. Once you login with the new password, home page of Annual Property Return appears.

  10. Those who have joined during the year 2013, click on the first link in the left side i.e. APR Filling[Joined in 2013] while those who have joined before 2013 click on APR Filling[Joined Before 2013].

Those Who Joined Before 2013

  1. Click on APR Filling [Joined Before 2013].Read carefully the Checklist for Submission of APRs and Click on Agree to Checklist for filing Online APRThen select the year as 2013.

  2. Fill the form, Form 5B. You can Add rows if required by clicking on Add Row or delete rows using Delete Checked Row.

  3. Click on Save. Once you click on Save you are asked to generate Acknowledgement. Generate Acknowledgement only if all the details provided by you are correct.

  4. Click on Acknowledge Now. Take print out of the Acknowledgement.

  5. Click on Signout once done.

Those Who Joined During 2013

    1. Click on APR Filling [Joined in 2013]. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above to fill the Forms 5A, 5A Liabilities, 5B and 5C.

    2. Save and generate Acknowledgement.

    3. Click on Signout once done