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Western Washery Zone – Overview

Historical:After creation of Coal Board in 1952, synonymous with the erection of Steel Plants in the Public Sector, the erstwhile Coal washing Committee suggested installation of 4 Central Washeries at the Railway Marshalling Yards ( viz Dugda, Bhojudih, Patherdih and Kargali) by 2nd Five Year Plan. Subsequently, 4 central Washeries was created at the above mentioned Railway Yards during 3rd & 4th Five Year Plans.  The first Washery to be installed in BCCL was Dugda-I Washery in 1961 followed by Bhojudih, Patherdih and Dugda-II in the 1962, 1964 and 1968 respectively. Later on Sudamdih, Moonidh, Mohuda and Madhuban was installed in the year 1981, 1983, 1990 and 1998 respectively.


Washery Location
Dugda Located on the south western side of Jharia Coalfield near Chandrapura Thermal Power House
Moonidih Located at the South Western side of River Damodar in Jharia Coal Field. It is also connected to Bokaro-Dhanbad Road at Putki.
Mohuda Located at the South Western zone of Jharia Coal Field on Northern side of River Damodar in. It is also connected to Chas-Dhanbad Road at Mohuda.

Future Planning

As a matter of policy it has been decided that all open cast coal should reach the consumer after washing/beneficiation. As such, the following 6 Washeries has been proposed to be set up in BCCL having a capacity of 18.6 million tonnes per annum:

SN Name of Washery Capacity (MTY)
NLW Washeries:
1. Madhuban 5.0
2. Patherdih 5.0
3. Dugda 2.5
4. Dahibari 1.6
5. Patherdih 2.5
Sub-Total 16.6
Non-Coking Coal Washeries:
6. Bhojudih 2.0
Grand Total 18.6