We concern for safety

Aim for Safety

Ensure for safety

A n d

Build safety for the employees and the company as a whole

Our Mission is Zero Accident

We sincerely endeavour for Zero Accident by Right Vision

Positive Vision and Safety Vision


  • Operation and system are planned and designed to eliminate or materially reduce the mining Hazard.
  • Implement statutory Rules and Regulations and strenuous effort made for achieving a very high safety standard.
  • To bring about improvement in working condition by suitable changes in technology.
  • Provide material and monetary resources needed for the smooth and efficient execution of Safety Plan.
  • Deploy Safety Personnel wholly for accident prevention work.
  • Organise appropriate forum with employee’s representatives for joint consultation on Safety matters and secure their motivation and commitment in Safety Management.
  • Prepare  Annual Safety Plan and  long term Safety Plan at the beginning of every Calendar Year, Unit wise and for the company, to effect improved Safety to Operation as per respective Geo-mining needs to prepare the units for onset of monsoon, to fulfil implementation of decision  by committee on Safety in mines Safety Conferences, and Safety Audit and to take the measures  for overcoming accident proneness keeping priority in sensitive Areas like roof management, Haulage, explosive, machinery including HEMM etc.
  • Set up a frame work for execution of the Safety Policy and plans through the General Manager of the Areas, Agents, Managers and other Safety Personnel of the Unit.
  • Multi Level monitoring of the implementation of the Safety Plans through internal Safety Organisations at the Company Headquarters and Area Safety Officers at Area level and down the line.
  •  All senior executives at all levels of Management will continue to inculcate a Safety Consciousness and develop involvement in practising Safety towards accident prevention in their functioning.
  •  Institute Continuous education, Training and retraining of all employees and re-engineering of mines with the accent   placed on development of safety oriented skill.


  • Developing safety activities/ practices and continuously reviewing, improving and updating them as and when the changed circumstances demand.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is aware of the safe working methods and follow in day- to -day work.
  • Developing the skills of employees, as skilled worker can only be a safe worker.
  • Evaluating the personnel protective equipment available in the market and supply them to our employees and train them in their proper usage.
  • Conducting safety audit of each mine with a view to know the inherent dangers of the mines and suggest remedial measures.
  • Investigation of accident, identification of the causes of accident, suggestions on prevention of similar ones in future and follow up on the suggestions.
  • Control to reduce the accident rate to the barest minimum and to achieve zero accident being the ultimate aim .
  • For the health and prevention fatigue among the employees working at the mines and departments, the following safety measures are to be developed.
a)     Pre entry and periodical medical examination.
b)    Survey of mine dust evolution and dust control Techniques.
c)     Supply of filtered and whole some drinking water at the mines and colonies.
d)    Provision of Man Riding facility at the mines where tong and arduous travel problem exists.
e)    Improving working environment at the mines.
f)      Minimizing air and water pollution  in general environment.


  • Drawing a proper safety policy at corporate level.
  • Evolving suitable mechanism for effectively monitoring of safety policy.
  • Continuously reviewing and updating the safety policy.
  • Establishing  a system of regular mine inspections for assessment of safety status.
  • Conducting independent enquiries into mine accident and dangerous occurrences.
  • Arranging inspection of all mines by company level Bipartite safety Committee members .
  • Arrange Tripartite Safety Review Meeting  with the Management, Directorate of Mines Safety and the Unions.
  • Organizing Annual Mine  Safety Week, First-aid and Rescue Competitions at Company level.
  • Attending Standing Committee Meeting, National Dust Prevention Committee meetings, Expert Committee Meetings etc