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Pension / PF Department


Pension Cell was set up for the purpose of timely processing of pension claims file of separated employee who were separated after 01.04.1994 from their services and settled their claims through CMPFO in the financial year 1998-99.

The Pension scheme was introduced as per notification vide GSR No.123(E) dated 05.03.1998 under Coal Mines Provident Fund and Miscellaneous provisions (Amendment) Act,1996 (23 of 1996) notified under S.O.No.232(E) dated 20.03.1998 w.e.f. 01.04.1998.

As per above scheme those who are member of a family pension 1971 and in roll on appointed day (i.e. 31.03.1998) they are automatic member of CMPS,1998 but the employee who was not a member of Coal Mines family pension scheme,1971 need to be opted the CMPS’98 through PS-1, while those who were member of Coal Mines Family pension scheme or joined the Coal Industry on or after March,1971 but separated within 31st March,1998 may opt for the scheme through PS-2.

As it was a new scheme and most of the employee did not aware of the rule and regulation of the pension scheme,1998 so pension cell’s primary job was to process huge number of pending incomplete files lying on all the units of BCCL. The Team of Pension Cell frequently visited all the units of BCCL and educated the staffs & Officers of related units and corrected the claims file in all respect for processing the same.

Management developed pension cell consisting personnel Department, System Department & Finance Department for completing all pending jobs as per pension scheme 1998. Personnel Department prepared & completed employees pending claims in all respect like took their photos, Descriptive roll, signature etc. EDP Department supplied the their 2% pension deduction & deductable amount, Addl. Increment implemented and depositable amount to CMPFO. Accordingly Finance Department checked their claim and calculate the due amount if any as on date as per scheme and issue demand notice for depositing the same and cleared their claim files to CMPFO for settlement.

Pension Cell keeps close contact with units/Area and Departments of the HQr. It also Co-ordinates with System Department & Area for timely submission of V.V. Statement every year.

Pension Cell also co-ordinate with System Department for depositing pending Supplementary V.V. for entire BCCL for eligible members for the period April’89 to March’98 for about 1.5 lacks members.

The Pension & PF Department is headed by GM(Personnel)/PF & Pension services in under Personnel Directorate. This Department is monitoring all the issues including claims of PF & Pension with the Areas/Units and extend the all possible help in timely submission of claim of PF/Pension and settlement thereof Pension Cell, HQ. also co-ordinates with other subsidiary & units of BCCL regarding Pension data and reckonable month services for incoming & outgoing employees of BCCL. Pension Cell also issued all the demand notices & Suppl.V.V. for the period 01.03.1971 or date of joining which ever is later to September,2002 of Family Pension both share, Govt. Share, 2% Pension amount & Addl. Increment as per applicable rate of all Ex. CCLSPF, CMALSPF & HLSPF as per notification No.G.S.R.107(E) dated 13th February,2003.

Year wise Performance as under:


2000-01 2025 2025
2001-02 4599 4350
2002-03 7140 3882
2003-04 7036 8099
2004-05 12784 10532
2005-06 12484 16037
2006-07 9593 10736
2007-08 5417 4796
2008-09 5980 5465
2009-10 5884 5798
2010-11 7537 7893
2011-12 5346 5391
2012-13 5255 5300
2013-14 5559 5855
2014-15 4486 4961
2015-16 5214 5211
2016-17 4783 4789
2017-18 4301 4301
2018-19 4702 4301
2019-20 3922 4206
Total   124047 123928