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WelfareSchools getting recurring grant from BCCL from Bastacolla Area No.IX:
  Sl,No. Name of Schooo/Location Remarks
  1. L.P. School, Bastacolla Getting grant-in-aid
  2. L.P. School, Chandmari Getting grant-in-aid
  3. Adarsh Sishu Bharti L.P. School Victory Getting grant-in-aid
  4. Harizan L.P. School, Bastacolla Getting grant-in-aid
  5. Balvikash Vidyalaya Liberty, Bera Getting grant-in-aid
  6. Dobari Middle School, Dobari Getting grant-in-aid
  7. Bal Vidya Mandir, Ghanoodih Getting grant-in-aid
  8. L.P. School, ½ Pit, Ghanoodih Getting grant-in-aid
  9 Koyla Khadan Shramik Vidya 4/5 Pit, Ghanoodih Getting grant-in-aid
  10 Kuya Middle School, Kuya Getting grant-in-aid

CSR jobs :

Sl.No. Particulars Amount (Rs.)
1. Renovation of Kali Mandir of Kujama Basti. 3.75 lakh
2. Extension of open shed roofing and platform for existing durga mandir at Kuya. 3.04 lakh
3. Repairing of PCC Road near Imali Talab 10 No. at Kuya 6.76 lakh
4. Construction of Amtal Village Road near Bera and street lighting. 35.62 lakh
5. Water supply from Chandmari to Ram Nagar village 12..00 lakh
6. Construction of small culvert at Bhubhaki 3.00 lakh
7. Marble stone flooring at Durga Mandir, Kuya 4.66 lakh
TOTAL FOR THE YEAR 2010-11 68.83 lakh

R & R status :

 A comprehensive Master Plan has been prepared for dealing with fire, subsidence and rehabilitation in the leasehold of BCCL, which has been approved by the Ministry of Coal as well as by the Government of Jharkhand. The person from the endangered area to be displaced in accordance with the directives of the Master Plan, whereas, the person of other places within the lease hold, whose land will be acquired, shall be benefited as per the norms of the CIL R&R Policy 2008. Recently in a local settlement, it has been planned to rehabilitate 292 families residing in the coal bearing area of Ghanoodih OCP in the non-coal bearing area at Bengali Kothi. They will be given a financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- per family as per BCCL Board decision. 

 Games/Sports & Cultural program organized by Bastacolla Area :

 1. On Aug, 2009 at Bastacolla Auditorium:


 Chess champion : Shri S.N. Sharma, CGM’s Sectt., Area-IX

 Bridge champion – Shri Debasis Chatterjee & A. Ghosh, Area-IX

 Carrom champion – Shri B. Pattanaik & B. Paswan, Area-IX

 Carrom Vetment – Shri B.C. Nayak (A.G.M.) & Runners: Shri U. Kandhway (A.F.M.)

 2. On March,2009 – BCCL Inter Area Cultural Competition was organized by Bastacolla Area at Bastacolla Auditorium.

 2 employees of Bastacolla Area represented BCCL in Inter Company (CIL) Cultural Competition and stood first position

 which was held at SECL, Bilaspur.

 3. On Dec., 2009 – Bastacolla Area organized Zonal Sports, Zone No.IV at  GOCP School ground – 3 Areas. The Convenor/Organisor of  Bastacolla Area was congratulated for unique arrangement of  said sports.

 Men Champion – Shri Birju Paswan, Bera Colliery &

 Women – Smt. Muna Devi, Kustore and Miss Sushila

 Kumari, Bera Colliery were field best of ground.

 Shri Birou Paswan stood 2nd position in CIL Inter Colliery

 Athletic Meet at M.C.L.

 Miss Sushila Kumar stood 2nd position in the above meet.

Medical facilities :

 Medical facilities in Bastacolla Area-IX (BCCL):

 1. One Regional Hospital at Tisra (50 Bedded)

 2. Periodical Medical Examination Centre functioning at R.H. Tisra with special facilities of (i) Audiometry (II) Spirometry (iii) ECG (iv) X-Ray

 3. No. of Dispensaries – Six (Ghanoodih, Bera,Dobari, Kuya, Ghanoodih,GOCP)

 Mini Health Centre – Two ( Bastacolla, Kujama).

 4. Total Doctors in Area with required no. of Paramedical staff – Ten

 5. Mobile Medical Van for CSR activities for villagers also (i) Wellness Clinic (ii) CSR Clinic at R.H. Tisra.

 6. Ambulance available in all Hospital and Dispensaries either hired or of Company – Total No. 6.

 7. Medical Camp activities – at different units in 2009-10:

 (i) Diabetes detection.

 (ii) Hypertension detection

 (iii) Bone Marrow density detection

 (iv) Blood donation

 (v) Eye camp.

 (vi) Healthy baby show

. (vii) Aids awareness camp.

 (viii) Safety talks at Pit heads & Attendance Rooms.

 (ix) Village health programme for surrounding village

 (x) School health programme.

 (xi) Health camp for senior citizen.

Grievance redressal :

 In Bastacolla Area one Grievance Redressal Cell has been made operative vide notice No. BCCL/9/6-A/2010/A-8/717 dated 12/13.05.2010. 

 In the first instance Grievance Cell has been opened in the office of Dy. C.P.M., Area-IX which is held on every Saturday from 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM. 

 WRITTEN APPLICATIONS seeking redressal of individual grievances is being sought from the workmen of the Unit/Area. Such petitions should be addressed to Area C.G.M.

Workshop facilities :

 Following types of facilities available at Central Workshop, Chandmari which are as under :- 

(i) Winding work of Electrical Motors.

(ii) All types of Mining/Domestic pumps.

(iii) Machinery work.

(iv) M.S. sheet cutting work.

(v) Roof bolt making work.

(vi) Roof bolt bearing plates.

(vii) Tata chocks.

(viii) Hydraulic pressure work.

(ix) W-straps work.

(x) Drilling rod straightening .

(xi) All types of welding work.

(xii) Molding work of ferrous & non ferrous casting.

(xiii) Misc. Jobs done at Central Workshop Chandmari.

 Promotion/Upgradationin 2009-10 in Bastacolla Area

Sl.No. Unit No. of persons upgraded/promoted in next higher Cat/Gr.
1. Bastacolla Colliery 107
2. Bera Colliery 22
4. Ghanoodih 69
5. Chandmari Workshop 06
6. Dobari Colliery 73
7. Area Office 06
8. Kuya Colliery 29