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The history of Jharia Coalfield was started since nineteenth century. The only energy during those years. the mining was carried out through manual and sem-manual methods resulting into large scales degradation of India, forests and environment. The unscientific mining resulted into large mine-fires, subsidence and land degradation. The mines of jharia Coalfields were taken over by BCCL from the erstwhile Private mine worriers. Most of the mines had their history from pre-nationalization period.

During the takeovers of the mines in 1972 in BCCL from private mine owners, the data line leasehold area, underground mine planning.

Production capacity was unknown. However, most of the mines were further re-organized.

Most of the mines are contiguous in nature and the environmental impact is overlapping in ambient environment due to cumulative effect of the mining activities,

In Sijua group of mines, the following underground. Open-cast and mixed (UG+OC) mines exist.

  1. Basdeopur Colliery (UG)
  2. Knkanee Colliery (Mixed)
  3. Loyabad Colliery (UG) {Only pumping goes on & no production}
  4. Mudidih Colliery (Mixed)
  5. Nichitpur              (OCP)
  6. SendraBansjora Colliery (Mixed)
  7. Tetulmari Colliery (Mixed)
Total Reserve and Lease Hold Area
Colliery Total Reserve (In Mi/Te.) Lease hold Area               (In Hectare)
Mudidih 178.327 378.05
Kankanee 57.120 258.12
Loyabad 64.593 499.56
Bansdeopur 50.252 104.72
Sendra Bansjora 87.050 249.63
Tetulmari 51.839 317.00
Nichitpur 10.504 150.00
Area Total 499.685 1957.08


The Sijua Area lies South of Grand Chord Railway 12 Km. from Dhanbad Railway
Station. It is on the West of Ekra Jore and East of Angarpathra. The
Dhanbad-Chandrapura Railway Line crosses at the middle from East to West. The
Area has three Open Cast Mine & four Underground mines, three Hired HEMM

Colliery OCP Hired HEMM Patch

  1. Mudidih               Sendra Bansjora OCP            Kankanee
  2. Bansdeopur                Tetulmari OCP                    Mudidih (Jogta)
  3. Tetulmari                      Nichitpur OCP                   Tetulmari West
  4. Sendra Bansjora
  1. Kankanee: M/S Brahamaputra Infrastructure Ltd., was awarded work vide
    Work Order No. CGM/SA/Hiring HEMM/KAN/07/434 dtd. 17.12.2007. for removal of
    OB  374.70 Lakh Cu.Mt  and extraction & transportation of coal 47.5 Lakh
    Metric Tonne. in 72 months.
  2. Mudidih (Jogta): M/S Dhansar Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. was awarded
    vide Work Order no. GM/SA/Plg./DECO/09/577 dtd. 19.06.2009, for removal of
    OB 285.18 Lakh Cu. Mt. OB and extraction & transportation of coal 23.04 Lakh
    Metric Tonne in 72 months.
  3. Tetulmari (West): M/S BKB Transport Pvt. Ltd. was awarded vide Work
    Order no. GM/SA/Plg./HEMM/BKB/10/104 (B)  dtd. 23.04.2010, for removal of OB
    50.79 Lakh Cu. Mt. OB and extraction & transportation of coal 28.55 Lakh
    Metric Tonne in 30 months.