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Mining area in Jharia & Raniganj coalfields within the leasehold area of BCCL are faced with problem of fire and subsidence due to century old history of mining in these coalfields. First incidence of fire was reported on 1916 in XIV seam of Bhowra Colliery. Since then a number of fires have occurred in U/G, Opencast and in OCM debris.

According to an investigation 6 fires known to exist in Pootkee Balihari Area. Out of 6 fires two fire have been sealed behind the stopping and need not required any action plan except maintenance of status-quo. Remaining 4 fires are although controlled but still requires action.

The study conducted for identification of subsidence prone area reveals that nearly 75 in-habitated sites are located on coal bearing areas in the lease hold of P.B.Area of those 75 sites, 1 site found to be wholly on stable ground, 65 numbers wholly on subsidence prone area where no control measures can be taken & the population requires rehabilitation remaining 9 numbers falls in the category where the sites are partly on stable and/or subsidence prone uncontrollable ground.

The project report of Putkee Balihari Project for targeted production of 3 Mte/annum was sanctioned by Govt.of India on 19.12.1983 for a capital of Rs. 199.8721 Crore. The object of the Project to produce 3 Mte Coal by integrating Putkee, South Loyabad, Kankanee (Part), Jogta Part, Balihari, Bhagaband, & Gopalichak (Part) mine. The block located in the center part of Jharia Coal Field on Bhaga Putkee Roadway covering in area of 14.64 Sq.KM bounded in north by OCP block V,VI & VII. Due to geological disturbances and un-favorable conditions the project is derated to 1 Mte/annum on 16.05.1995. Finally for certain constrains the Putkee Balihari Project has been derated to 0.68 Mte/annum in September 1999.

LOCATION : Pootkee Baliharia Area situated at 10 KMs away from Dhanbad Railway Station in North West side & ½ KM away from NH 32 Road in south side.


(a) List of Running/Producing mine.

(i) P.B.Project Colliery

(ii) KB.10/12 Pits Colliery

(iii) Bhagaband Colliery

(iv) Gopalichak Colliery

(b) List of Non-producing mine

(i) KB.5/6 Pits Colliery

(ii) Kenduadih Colliery

(iii) Putkee Colliery

(c) Other Units

(i) B.C.Plant

(ii) Ekra Workshop

(iii) Kenduadih Auto Workshop

(iv) 132 KV Sub-Station

(a) List of Running/Producing mine.

i P.B.PROJECT COLLIERY P.B.Project Colliery comprises of two section, P.B.Section, (New 1&2 Pit) & SB.5/7 Pit Section, which were amalgamated on 07.07.2005, named as P.B.P.Colliery it is located in the central part of the Jharia Coal Field on the Bhaga Putkee Road.
ii KB.10/12 PITS COLLIERY K.B.10/12 Pits is a constituent mine of P.B.Project. Prior to nationalization it belonged to M/s Sethia Brothers. The mine is about 10 Km is SW direction from Dhanbad Railway Station on Putkee Bhaga DB Road. After nationalization a part of XV seam of Bhagaband Colliery was amalgamated with XV seam of this mine in the year 1982. There are three working pits viz 10,11&12 pits 10&12 pits are sunk upto XV seam where as 11 pit sunk upto XVI seam. There is a major fault of about 100 m throw on its north side, which acts as its north boundary. There are presences of numerous faults of 2 m to 7 m throw, Sill, mica pevidotite. At present working are being done by hydraulic sand stowing.
iii BHAGABAND COLLIERY It is an old & extensive mine. It was started in the year 1932 by Bird & Heigers Co. it is 4 Km east from Putkee. The 17 bottom incline was closed in 2005. At present, one depillaring panel with stowing is being worked in XV seam.
iv GOPALICHAK COLLIERY The mine was formed by amalgamating no. of old mines. At present, One depillaring with stowing district in X seam is under progress.

(b) List of Non-producing mine

i KB. 5/6 PITS COLLIERY The K.B.5/6 Pits Colliery is a part of east while Balihari Colliery of BCCL, which was formed after amalgamation of Kachhi Balihari & South Balihari Collieries in 1992. This mine was caved out from Balihari Colliery with its boundary on the south side limited by a fault of about 100 m to 150 m down throwing on the dip side at present, it has one depillaring with stowing district in X seam.
ii KENDUADIH COLLIERY This Colliery was being worked by M/s East India Coal Company Limited before nationalization and known to have started in the year 1892. The working of the mine have been discontinued in the year1992.
iii PUTKEE COLLIERY Putkee Colliery is one of the constituents of P.B.Area. This mine is presently non-producing mine the coal production is stopped since 24.01.2006, for shifting the existing pit landing from XII seam to X seam. Presently only pumping is being done to reduce the pumping load at the neighboring mine which are on dip dide of this mine. Specialy Aralgaria section of Bhagaband mine & if the pumping is stopped the water may create problem to P.B.Project Colliery with existing situation. At the time of discontinuing coal production of X seam which was being developed an average per day production was 30 Te. The roadway leading to 2nd outlet is in dangerous condition but any how maintain to use in emergency. 

An outside agency i.e. CMRI has been engaged to conduct scientific study about Strata behaviors surrounding escape route to 2nd outlet and study is in progress.





Name of the Colliery Total Geological Reserve (MT) Balance Mineable Reserve (As on 01.08.2010)
1 Pootkee Colliery 89.03 83.05
2 KB.5/6 Pit 87.57 83.67
3 Gopalichak Colliery 166.67 146.14
4 Kenduadih Colliery 158.68 144.63
5 KB.10/12 Pits 7.19 3.501
6 Bhagaband Colliery 6.381 3.401
7 P.B.Project 576.22 571.03
8 ECC Kenduadih 185.67 174.83
    1278.461 1211.252


Name of the Colliery Total Geological Reserve (MT) Balance Mineable Reserve (As on 01.08.2010)
1 Pootkee Colliery 5.51 2.96
2 KB.5/6 Pit 6.05 6.05
3 Gopalichak Colliery 9.96 9.96
4 Kenduadih Colliery 10.78
5 KB.10/12 Pits 11.34 11.34
6 Bhagaband Colliery 75.89 75.89
7 P.B.Project 16.21 16.21
8 ECC Kenduadih 41.38 4.38
    177.72 164.39


1) P.B.P.Colliery – 89.00 Hec.

2) KB.10/12 Pits – 60.00 Hec.

3) Bhagaband � – 581.17 Hec.

4) Gopalichak � – 241.94 Hec.

5) KB.5/6 Pit � – 120.71 Hec.

6) Kenduadih � – 217.54 Hec.

7) Putkee � – 153.77 Hec.

Total – 1464.13 Hec.


Name of the Unit/Seam of Fire:

1) Gopalichak – XVI, XV, XIV, XIII, XII, XI seam Active

2) Kenduadih – XIII seam fire Dormant

3) Kenduadih – XIV, XIII seam fire Dormant

4) Putkee – XV seam fire – Extinguished

5) Bhagaband – XVI seam fire – Dormant

6) Kachhi Balihari – XV seam � – Dormant

7) Kenduadih – XI & XII seam – Active

Future Planning : A global tender is in process for intruduction of mass production technology in IX,X,XI & XII seam with minimum guaranteed production of 1 Mte/annum. This is expected that the tender will be finalized within the financial year. Also development operation of P.B.Project will be reached upto boundary in financial year 2011-12 and then depillaring with hydraulic sand stowing with SDLs will be started in P.B.Project.

There are four patch for opencast blocks i.e. Gopalichak Opencast, Kenduadih Opencast, Hyderomine Opencast & Bhagaband Opencast. It is expected to start Gopalichak Opencast within this financial year.