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Mining areas in Jharia Coal Fields within the leasehold of Bharat Coking Coal Limited are faced with problems of fire and subsidence due to the Century old history of mining in these coal fields. These problems have been receiving attention of all concerned from time to time and the corrective measures have been taken on case to case basis at different times.

The problem of danger of subsidence of surface land over mine workings standing on small stocks and multi section development under shallow depths. There are many towns, villages, Jores, Roads, and Railway etc passing through this area. In additions, fire is also active in some Colliery causing danger to the surface structure as well as polluted some part of the area which effected environment of locality.

Location Kusunda Area is situated 4 km away from Dhanbad Railway station. Chief General Manager Office located at middle point of the area which LAT – N 23 º46 56 and DEP E 86 º23 36.

Nos. of Colliery including hired HEMM patches Kusunda Area are given below:-

Name of Colliery

Underground Mines Departmental OCP

Hired HEMM Patch

East Bassuriya

—NA— —NA— Patch-B
Gondudih Khas Kusunda Colliery (GKKC) 01 —NA—


New Godhar Kusunda Alkusa Colliery (NGKAC)

01 —NA– Patch-A
Amalgamated Dhansar Industry Colliery (ADIC) —NA— 01


Ena Colliery

—NA— —NA—

DE Mega Project


Reserve in Kusunda Area lease hold all seams are outcropping from O seam to XII/XIV seam.

The total reserve is 331.00 million tonnes.

Leasehold Area – Leasehold Area of Kusunda Area is 1692.24 Ha.

The leasehold area of Kusunda Area is divided to Colliery wise:-

Name of Colliery

Leasehold Area
East Bassuriya Colliery

303.83 Ha

Gondudih Khas Kusunda Colliery

410 Ha
New Godhar Kusunda Alkusa Colliery

486.11 Ha

Amalgamated Dhansar Industry Colliery

330 Ha
Ena Colliery

162.30 Ha


Area affected by fire subsidence and its dealing mostly all mines affected by fire causing danger to the surface structure. As a protective measures we are excavating the fire materials for dealing of patch fire. In the meantime Jharia Master Plan is being implemented by JRDA with rehabilitation of the uncontrollable subsidence prone areas to safe place.

Future planning  

OCP One departmental OCP at Dhansar Colliery having a production capacity 9.00 lakhs te per annum and this will continue next 8 years, and there are 2 nos of Hired HEMM patches. One patch P (Gondudih) will last for 2 years and Patch B (Kusunda) will also give production for 4 years.