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Govindpur Area formed by the under listed Private Collieries:

Sl. No.   � Name of Collieries   �   �  Name & Address of Owner

1. East Dharmabandh, (Nawagarh),  East Dharmabandh Colly.Co.; P.O.-Nawagarh, Dhanbad

2. East Khas Baihardih (Katrasgarh)   � East Katras Baihardih Coal Co., P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

3.   East Sinidih (P.O.-Tundu)   �   � P. Chanchani & Co., P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

4.   Jogidih (P.O.- Kharkhari)   �   � P.K.Lalla & Sons, P.O.- Kharkhari, Dhanbad

5.   Katras New (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   �  Sm. Kashi Bai, P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

6.   Khas Baihardih (Katrasgarh)   �  Baihardih Coal Co. P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

7.   New Dharmabandh (P.O.-Malkera)   � Sethis Mining & Mfg. Corpn. Ltd. P.O.-Malkera, Dhanbad

8.   Khas Mehtadih & Selected Jamunatand   Khas Mehtadih Colly. Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

9.   Khas Sinidih (P.O.-Nawagarh)   �  Gianchand Sunda & Co., P.O.- Jharia, Dhanbad

10.   Kharkhari (P.O.- Kharkhari)   �   � Bharat Mining Corpn. Ltd., 115A,Chittaranjan Avenue, Calcutta

11.   Majlitand (P.O.-Tundu)   �   � Sri Prithish Lalla, P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

12.   Maheshpur (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   �   Bharat Collys. Co., 11, Clive Row, Calcutta

13.   Narainpur   (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   �   Narainpur Colly. Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

14.   New Govindpur   (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   � New Govindpur Coal Co. Ltd., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

15.   New Katras (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   �   New Govindpur Coal Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

16.   New Sinidih (P.O.- Kharkhari)   �   H.V.Low & Co., 3, Synagogue Street, Calcutta

17.   New Tetuliya (P.O.-Malkera)   �   Tetuliya Khas Colly. Ltd., 25,Brabourne Rd., Calcutta

18.   New Akashkinaree (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   � Khemji Dossa & Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

19.   North Dharmabandh (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   Kunverji Kalyanji, P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

20.   North Sinidih   (P.O.- Nawagarh)   Shankarlal Kejrilal, P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

21.   North Tentulia (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   Devram Ramji, C/O Khas Mehtadih Colly.Katrasgarh,Dhanbad

22.  North Tundu Khas (P.O.- Katrasgarh) R. L. Agarwala, P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad.

23.   Pure Sinidih (P.O.-Tundu)   �   � Thakur Ram Autar Singh, P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

24.   Pure Sudriadih (P.O.-Tundu)   �   Thakur G. P. Singh, P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

25.   Sinidih   (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   � Sinidih Colly. Concern (P) Ltd., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

26.   Tundu Khas (P.O.- Tundu)   �   � J. P. Lalla & Sons, P.O.- Kharkhari, Dhanbad

27.   West Jogidih (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   � Bihar National Coal Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad.

28.   West Koiludih   �   �   West Koiludih Colly. Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad.

29.   West Katras (P.O.- Katrasgarh)   West Katras Colly. Co., N.K. Bose & Bros.,Katrasgarh, Dhanbad

30.   West Govindpur   �   �   � West Govindpur Coal. Co., P.O.- Katrasgarh, Dhanbad.

31.   West Maheshpur (P.O.-Tundu)   �   Sri Agarwala Coal. Co, P.O.-Tundu, Dhanbad

The Govindpur Area was formed by the above mentioned Private Collieries. Presently the Govindpur Area has only 9 (Nine) Collieries whose names are as under :

  1. New Akashkinaree Colliery
  2. Govindpur Colliery
  3. Block-IV/Kooridih Colliery
  4. Jogidih Colliery
  5. Maheshpur Colliery
  6. Kharkhari Colliery
  7. Dharmabandh Colliery
  8. South  Govindpur Colliery
  9. Tettuliya Colliery.


Latitude   � 23 45 00  N  to   23 48 45 N

Longitude   � 86 14 00   E to   86 17 50 E

The Govindpur Area is located about 25 K.M. from Dhanbad Railway Station. It is connected by both Railway and Road. Govindpur Area is connected by Dhanbad-Ranchi Railway line and nearest halt Station is Sonardih and nearest junction is Katras Station. Govindpur Area is connected by Dhanbad-Sonardih Road via Katras and the road is extended upto Dhanbad-Ranchi Road (NH-32) which meets at Moudha more through Kharkhari. The Khudu River across in the western part of the area. The Bhgdighi Jore across in the eastern part of the area and Kali Jore is entering from the western part of the area at Maheshpur Colliery and meets at Khudu River.

North  :   In the Northern side of Govindpur Area is non-coal bearing area.

South  :   In Southern side Ranidih Colliery & Muchiradih Colliery.

East : � In the eastern side of the Area is Chatabandh Baste and TATA s Chetudih Colliery

West : � In the Western side of Govindpur Area Murlidih & Satabdih OCP of Borora Area.


  1. New Akashkinaree Colliery (Two Nos.   hired patch.)
  2. Govindpur Colliery (One Nos hired patch Tender in process)
  3. Block-IV/Kooridih Colliery
  4. Jogidih Colliery
  5. Maheshpur Colliery
  6. Kharkhari Colliery
  7. Dharmabandh Colliery
  8. South  Govindpur Colliery
  9. Tetturiya Colliery.

RSERVE ( Colliery wise ) :


  1. New Akashkinari Colliery  :   � 367.58   Ha.
  2. Govindpur Colliery   � : �   159.55   Ha
  3. Block-IV Colliery   �   :   � 149.00   Ha.
  4. Jogidih Colliery   �  :   � 167.00   Ha
  5. Maheshpur Colliery   � : �   292.68   Ha.
  6. Kharkhari Colliery   � : �   584.00   Ha.
  7. Dharmabandh Colliery   � : �   377.90   Ha.
  8. South   Govindpur Colliery   :   � 187.00   Ha.
  9. Tetturiya Colliery   �  :   � 128.42   Ha.

TOTAL AREA   :   �   2413.13   Ha


1.   New Akashkinaree Colliery :

There is a proposal of diversion of D.B. Road from Bhatmunda more to Chatabandh baste in the northern side of Akashkinaree Colliery (de-coaled ) area, there will be a wide scope for running large OCP from X seam to IV seam.

2. Block-IV/Kooridih Colliery:

Land of Bairdih baste which is in the lease hold area of Jogidih Colliery will be acquired through Company s � R&R policy and there will be scope of large OCP consisting of lease hold of Jogidih & Block-IV/Kooridih Colliery from XA seam to IV seam.

3.   Dharmabandh Colliery:

Global Tender has invited for Re-open of   Dharmabandh Colliery U/G Mines in Joint venture system from XVIII (Top) to XIII seam