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Reserve of prime coking coal in the country is very limited. In this respect Bhowra has been occupying a pride place in the coal and industrial map of the country. It is one of the few areas in the country which has entirely been producing prime coking coal vitally required for the steel and metallurgical industries. The Area comprised six coal producing units. Mining in the underground collieries of the Area dates back to about 100 years, geo-mining conditions vary from moderate to extreme. Extremities particularly in the Area are so farfetched that they may be easily compared with the most difficult mines not only of our country but of the world. It is one of the main reasons why good quality prime coking coal still remains untapped in lower seams. Shallow deposits worked in earlier years prior to Nationalization by primitive methods leading to large scale fire both surface and underground the Patherdih colliery, Sudamdih Shaft Mine, Sudamdih Incline Mine and Bhowra group of mines making mining condition extremely difficult. Problems of mining have been accentuated due to the presence of innumerable faults and folds crisscrossing the area, leading the poor roof condition, steep gradient, variation in thickness and gassiness of coal seams. For ensuring almost safety from the hazards in an all times fight against nature.


Eastern Jharia Area located in the eastern part of Jharia coalfield and lies in between –

Latitude 23® 41’30″  Longitude   86®  24’00”
Latitude 23® 40’00″  Longitude   86®  35’30”
Latitude 23® 40’00″  Longitude   86®  22’00”


Number of collieries including Hired HEMM Patches:

I.          Bhowra (North) Underground Mines:

Ø  XV/XIV seam Hired HEMM Patch

Ø  XV/XIVA seam Hired HEMM Patch

II.         Bhowra (South) Colliery:

Ø  3 Pit OCP Hired HEMM Patch

III.        Sudamdih Incline Mine

IV.        Sudamdih Shaft Mine

V.         Patherdih Colliery

VI.        Amlabad Project/Colliery

 Reserve (in Million Tonnes):

Name of Unit Grade Up to 300 meterDepth 300 to 600Meter depth Total
Bhowra(North)colliery St.II  -  W-IV 61.064 38.18 99.2444
Bhowra(South)colliery St.I   -  W-IV 186.846 58.03 244.876
Sudamdih Incline Mine W-I   – W-IV 3.050 3.050
Sudamdih Shaft Mine St.I    – W-IV 9.772 40.656 50.428
Patherdih colliery W-III-  W-IV 57.215 7.74 64.955
Amlabad Project/colliery St.I    -  W-III 45.940 45.940
Total:   366.887 144.606 508.493


 Details of lease hold area:

Name of Unit Area in Hectare
Bhowra(North)colliery 207.00
Bhowra(South)colliery 571.58
Sudamdih Incline Mine 81.66
Sudamdih Shaft Mine 248.39
Patherdih colliery 315.19
Amlabad Project/colliery 386.95
Total 1810.77


Area affected by fire and subsidence and its dealing:

About 17.85 hectare of surface area affected by fire and subsidence.  All the quarries and subsided area affected by fire at Sudamdih and Patherdih has been filled up. Almost the area of Bhowra(North)Colliery has also been filled up with quarry Overburdens.

Future planning:

     -  7.0 million Hired HEMM Project projected.

     -  14.0 million tone Underground Project proposed.