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Bastacolla Area is situated in the eastern flank of Jharia coalfield. It adjoins most ancient Archeam Rocks, which form a bowl shape in eastern site of Jharia Coalfield. The total leased-hold area is 1210 hac. and is situated mostly on eastern side of Dhanbad-Patherdih railway line (dismantled) and between Dhanbad city and Lodna barrier.

This Area is amalgamation of 33 mines of pre-nationalization period, most of which had primitive mining culture. This is major factor, which contribute to a very low productivity of underground mines and very poor work culture. After nationalization efforts have been made to streamline the managerial structure as well as to organize the mines to improve the operational and organizational performance with utmost and due care to the safety aspects.

At present Bastacolla Area is having four underground coal producing units namely Bastacolla, Bera, Dobari, Kuya and four opencast units namely Ghanoodih OCP. Golukdih/Kuya OCP, Bera OCP and Kujama OCP and has achieved the production to the tune of 20.50 lakh tonne during 2009-10, out of which Underground produced 5.73 lakh tonne, and opencast produced 14.77 lakh tonne. The Area registered a profit of 17.84 Crore.

Location: The project area, which forms a part of OCP VIII Block, is located in the eastern part of Jharia Coalfield and falls in Dhanbad District of Jharkhand. It is about 8 Km east of Dhanbad Railway station and in between N 99500 to N 105600 and E 91800 to E 96400.

No. of collieries including hired HEMM patches :

Presently there are 4 UG, 2 OCPs and one hired HEMM Patch.

Sl. No. Name Type
1. Bastacolla UG and OCP
2. Bera UG and OCP
3. Dobari UG
4. Kuya UG
5. Kuya OCP OCP
6. Ghanoodih OCP
7. Kujama Hired HEMM Patch

Reserve :

Seam local/Geo Bastacolla Bera Dobari Ghanoodih Kuya Kujama
Geo Mine Geo Mine Geo Mine Geo Mine Geo Mine Geo Mine
0/1 11.30 6.46 1.79 1.53 6.00 5.36 4.70 4.15 5.90 1.63 16.00 11.85
I/II BOT 12.50 8.49 1.60 1.36 4.50 3.91 1.43 0.83 6.20 3.95
II/III BOT 13.69 9.05 2.50 0.37 6.49 5.55 9.44 8.33 30.76 30.46 30.00 19.44
III/III TOP 9.21 4.55 0.03 3.25 2.64 4.31 3.80 11.00 10.60 11.00 8.50
IV 2.13 0.79 5.98 5.28 13.00 8.30
V/VI/VII/VIII COMB 4.00 3.55 7.75 2.83 38.83 7.24
IX/VIII 1.32 0.51 7.95 2.06
X/IX/X 4.13 2.04 22.70 4.00
XI/XII 6.43
Lease hold Area Total  239.45  209.56  147.00  73.09  350.00  191.00


Details of lease hold area :

Lease hold area in Hect.

Sl.No. Bastacolla Bera Dobari Ghanoodih Kujama Kuya Total
Leased hold Area (in hect)  239.45  209.56  147.0  73.09  191.0  350.0  1210.1

Area affected by fire & subsidence & its dealing:

Presently Kujama Colliery and Ghanoodih Colliery in Bastacolla Area are affected by fire. Kujama mine is closed since 1995 due to the underground fire and Ghanoodih is effected by surface fire at South East position of existing quarry.

At present, the fire of Kujama OCP is dealt by excavating X seam and 4 ft splinter seam between X and XI seam by OCP under the scheme of dealing with fire as per Master Plan and Ghanoodih fire is under process of dealing by hired OCP in X seam and comb. seam under the same scheme.

Future planning :

The Area has planned to produce 27.90 lakh tones of coal in the year 2010-11 compared to 20.50 lakh tones achieved in 2009-10 which is almost 35% planned jump in production over last year. The production level will further increase in coming years as because of the following major projects which are in pipeline for 2010-11 and in subsequent years –

(i) One new incline from Bastacolla OCP side has been started. This will turn the (Rs. 18 Crore/year) loss making Bastacolla U/G into (Rs. 2.61 Crore/year) profit making unit. Further depillaring district will be started in Kuya Colliery which will turn the Rs. 12 Crore/year loss making unit into Rs. 10 Crore/year profit making unit.

(ii) A new drift from Rajapur OCP side will be started to extract coal below combined seam upto Ghanoodih and partly from Dobari side. It has been planned to extract 15 million tones of coal from 0. I. II Seam of Dobari side and all coal below combined seam of Ghanoodih upto NC Patch.

(iii) The environmental clearance for the upcoming NC Patch is expected to be obtained in this financial year, which will pave the way of starting of NC Patch of Goluckdih by hiring which will yield 112.85 lakh tones of coal with the removal of 267 lakh cum OB within a scheduled time period of 10 years.

(iv) It has been also proposed to start Dobari OCP which will extract coal upto III/IV Seam.