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Bastacolla Area is situated in the eastern flank of Jharia coalfield. It adjoins most ancient Archeam Rocks, which form a bowl shape in eastern site of Jharia Coalfield. The total leased-hold area is 1637.64 Ha. and is situated mostly on eastern side of Dhanbad-Patherdih railway line (dismantled) and between Dhanbad city and Lodna barrier.

This Area is amalgamation of mines of pre-nationalization period, most of which had primitive mining culture. After nationalization efforts have been made to streamline the managerial structure as well as to organize the mines to improve the operational and organizational performance with utmost and due care to the safety aspects.

At present Bastacolla Area is having 7 Mines namely Bastacolla UG, Rajapur OCP, Kuya OCP, Ghanoodih OCP, Bera OCP, Amalgamated East Bhuggatdih and Simlabahal Colliery (AEBSC) and Dobari OCP. At present, out of these only Rajapur OCP, Bastacolla Colliery and Kuya Colliery are producing mines. The Area has produced 42.80 lakh tonne of coal during FY 2019-20 and registered growth of 10.10% over last year.

Location: Bastacolla Area is situated about 8 Km east of Dhanbad Railway station and in between N 90200 to N 96600 and E 105800 to E 99000.

Details of lease hold area:

Name of Mines Bastacolla Bera Dobari Ghanoodih AEBSC Kuya Rajapur Total
Lease Hold Area (Ha.) 239.45 209.56 146.90 73.00 420.75 340.50 207.48 1637.64


Area affected by fire & subsidence & its dealing:

Presently Rajapur, AEBSC and Ghanoodih in Bastacolla Area are affected by fire. Operations at AEBSC and Ghanoodih mine are temporarily suspended and currently fire at Rajapur is being handled by directly removing the burning coal. Similar Schemes will come for Ghanoodih and AEBSC in future.

Future planning:

The Area has planned to produce 50.00 lakh ton of coal in the year 2020-21 compared to 42.80 production in previous year which is almost 17% planned growth in production over last year. The production level will further increase in coming years as because of the following major project which is in pipeline –

  • One Hired Patch namely Bastacolla OCP-I will come in operation in FY 2020-21 and the extension of this project will be taken up in FY 2023-24.