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Medical facilities:

The Area is equipped with 3 hospitals namely Jealgora Regional Hospital( 100 bedded,  Bhowra Hospital(10 bedded) and Sudamdih Hospital(10 bedded).Besides this hospitals two dispensaries, one at Amlabad and other at Riverside colony Sudamdih which caters the medical need of the nearby people.  Apart from above, the Area has one Ayurvedic dispensary located near Patherdih Colliery on Dhanbad – Sindri  main road. All the hospitals cater  the needs of the workers, their family members in the form of OPD services, Indoor services and emergency medical facilities.  The hospitals are also actively involved in CSR activities.  Jealgora Regional Hospital has various departments of Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Eye, Radiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Tuberculosis etc.

CD department caters to all sorts of emergencies viz. IOD cases medical emergencies, surgical emergencies, road traffic accidents and as well as any emergency that befalls upon any individual  of surrounding locality.

Conduct different camps in the hospitals for Blood group detection, School health check up , Family Planning, Eye disease detection, Village health checkup, Hypertension and diabetes detection, Gynecological check up, Hernia Hydrocele piles detection, Immunization and  HIV/AIDS. A large no. of beneficiaries living in the surrounding communities are getting the above facilities every year from the hospitals. Jealgora Regional Hospital is also conducting a National program viz. RNTCP(Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program).

All the above three hospitals are running CSR clinics catering to the needs of non-BCCL persons everyday where a Doctor is providing them with necessary medical advises with full zeal and vigor. Wellness clinic is running at Jealgora Regional Hospital.

Medical mobile van is running everyday(except Sundays & Holidays) and reaching out to the villagers within 8 Kms of mining areas. Medical mobile van reaches to the villages where Doctors examine the villagers and provide them with all necessary medicines. This facility is being provided to 16 villages, which are in the vicinity of our mining areas, namely Bhowra 19 No.Basti,  Parghabad  Basti,  Supkar Basti,  Manjhi Basti,  Mohulbani Basti,  Sheobabudih Basti, Amlabvad Basti,  Manpur Basti,  Idgah Mohalla,  Bhowra 4 No. Basti,  Kultand Basti, Gourkhutti, Thana Basti, Hasttalla, Swardih Basti and Bhowra 7 No.Basti.

Periodical Medical Examination:

PME center Jealgora Regional Hospital caters to the services of all employees of the Area and Bhojudih Coal Wasery. PME of workers is conducted on a three yearly basis. All the employees coming for PME are thoroughly checked medically and diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary Artery Disease, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Suspected cases of Pneumoconiosis,  Hydrocele, Hernia, Other surgical diseases, Renal diseases, Eye diseases, Diseases of Ear(especially noise induced hearing loss), Diseases of central nervous system are detected and these employees are treated at Jealgora Regional Hospital or they are referred to Centrals Hospital Dhanbad for appropriate treatment( depending upon the severity of the case). In addition, the addiction histories of all employees are taken meticulously and they are strongly motivated to give up their respective addition. They are briefed in detail about the harmful effects of various addictions. Chest X-ray of all employees is done. Routine blood tests and urine tests & Microscopic examination are also done. In special, suspected and doubtful cases, investigation like Audiometry, ECG & Spirometry (for lung tests) are done here.

A computerized Spiro meter has been provided to the PME dept. for doing Spirometry to assess lung function tests of employees of E.J. Area and Bhojudih Coal Washery as well as contractual workers of both the Areas. PME center is being  upgraded into a model PME center with Spiro meter, Semi-Auto Analyzer(for doing blood sugar, blood urea, serum creatinine & blood lipid profile of employees), Audiometer, 12 Lead ECG Machine, A 500 MA X-Ray machine, facilities for eye check up and equipments for carrying out necessary investigation.

PME is done under the able and inspiring guidance of the Area Medical Officer, Dr.K.P. Singh, PME in charge is Dr. S.K. Chatterjee and PME clerk is Sri Dipendu Mukherjee.

Periodical Medical Examination (PME) status :

Year Total Manpower Target Achievement Surplus/


2006 7443 2883 2230 -653
2007 7443 2266 1805 -461
2008 6941 1969 1663 -306
2009 6595 2199 2391 +192
2010 6215 2072 965 ****

Community development/CSR work done for last 5 years :

SL No. Name of work Year Awarded Value Expenditure    Made
1. Construction of classroom for Santhal School at Lagla Village 2005 – 06 Rs. 52,134 Rs. 49,130
2. Construction of Vivah Madap/Community centre at Riverside colony, Sudamdih 2006 – 07 Rs. 4,40,000 Rs. 4,40,000
3. Construction of Chhat Ghat at Damodar River, Riverside colony, Sudamdih 2006 – 07 Rs. 4,60,000 Rs. 4,16,663
4. Construction of Rest Shelter at Kalyaneshwar Mandir, Chasnalla 2007 – 08 Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 1,49,125
5. Construction of community park at Bhowrah 2007 – 08 Rs. 1,30,000 Rs. 1,31,606
6. Balance of work Vivah Madap at Riverside colony, Sudamdih 2008 – 09 Rs. 1,30,000 Rs. 1,29,930
7. Providing drinking water arrangement at Mohulbany Village by Borehole 2008 – 09 Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 1,99,762
8. Construction of rest shelter at Crematorium Mohalbany Ghat 2009 – 10 Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 1,97,836
9. Drinking water arrangement at Hat Talla Basti, Sudamdih 2009 – 10 Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 2,00,000


Estimate for payment of compensation under R & R policy of Coal India Limited 2008 to house and Land/ House losers of Idgah Mohalla against aquired of their homestead and land as per L.A. Case No. 17/04-05 up to June 2010.

Total Sanctioned amount Rs. 1,13,46,000
Total Amount paid Rs.    93,50,000
Amount not paid Rs.    19,96,000