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Project Category No. OfProjects Capacity(MTY) Sanc. Capital(Rs. Crs.) StatusCompleted StatusOn-going Total
Rs. 100 Crs. andAbove 3 4.68 538.98 1 2* 3
Rs. 50 to 100 Crs. 5 4.07 415.40 5 0 5
Rs. 20 to 50 Crs. 3 1.85 132.31 1 2 3
Below Rs. 20 Crs. 58 22.71 644.96 52 6 58
Total 69 33.31 1731.65 59 10 69

·         *P.B. Project- Foreclosure Report submitted to MOC, and the MOC has empowered CIL vide its letter No. 43011-78-2008-CPAM dated 20.07.2010 to take decision on the Project. Moreover, in 35th QPR Meeting held on 30.01.2009 has advised to take the Project out of the purview of “this review”.  The Project may be considered as completed.

·         *Block-II OCP- In 34/35th Completion Report approved in 272nd BCCL Board Meeting held on 24.08.2010 at Kolkata for a gross block completion cost of Rs. 24030.56 lakhs i.e. and Rs. 8428.57 lakhs net block + Rs. 15601.99 lakhs accumulated depreciation and considered to be completed from 01.04.2008 with an intimation to CIL.  As observed in the 272nd BCCL Board, a copy of the resolution along with  a copy of Completion Report has been sent to CIL for further needful vide letter No. BCCL/GM(P&P)/F-14/10/534 dated 16.09.2010.


Sl.No. Name of the Project Area Dt of approval Capacity(MTY) Reserve(MTe) Sancd. Capital(Rs. Crs.) Existing Prodn(MTe)

(Till 9/10)

1 Vishwakarma Kusunda Sept. 97 0.70 6.52 44.74 0.437 It has achieved it‘s target in 09-10.  Completion Report is being prepared.
2 Block-II OCP Block-II Dec.91 2.50 27.30 174.25 1.016 Completion Report approved by 272nd BCCL Board on 24.8.10.
3 Block-III I(Cok) OCP Barora Aug.91 0.45 7.28 45.97 Due to land issue the PR may not be feasible.
4 Damoda BJ- section Barora Aug.03 0.60 16.30 7.78 Could not be started due to land problem.
5 Kuya (Phase-I) Bastacolla Sept02 0.29   16.02 Due to DGMS restriction on merger of Kuya, Ghanoodih, Kujama & Goluckdih Mines, the project could not take off. Proposed t o be withdrawn.
6 Goluckdih (NC) OCP Bastacolla Aug.03 1.20 26.92 12.27 Compliance of stage-I clearance sent  to DFO, Dhanbad. Project will start on clearance.
7 Bagdigi (Aug) RPR Lodna Aug.94 0.27 30 11.54 0.016 The Project could not be implemented to fire in upper seam & water logging in lower seam.Being initiated for foreclosure on as-is-where-is basis.
8 Bararee IX&X Seam Lodna Jul.94 0.24 6.50 7.88 0.027 Due to fire in XI seam & above and drowning IX/X Seam the project could not be implemented.Being initiated for foreclosure on as-is –where- is- basis
9 Chaptoria OCP CV Aug.03 0.55 4.77 7.12 Block has been allocated to WBPDCL Vide letter No. 38036/46/2008CA-1 dtd. 27.02.09 issued By Shri V.S. Rana, Under Secy, GOI, MOC.

C) Turnkey Projects.

1.         BLOCK- II (UG)

Block- II Continuous Miner (0.45 MTY)

Capital investment: Rs. 113.37 Crores

Project Report for introduction of Continuous Miner for exploitation of I/ II seam Recast (0.45 MTY), Block –II Area was approved in 262nd BCCL Board Meeting held on 03.01.2009 and forwarded to CIL for approval on Cost Plus Basis. Subsequently, UCE was discussed and approved in 71st ESC meeting of CIL Board on 01.10.2009. The same has also been approved in 253rd CIL Board Meeting on 22.12.2009.

Part-I opened. Evaluation being done by  CMPDI.  ( 3 parties have offered bid)


Prototype Longwall package has been successfully tested in presence of DGMS officials in the works of the manufacturer and in the Chinese National Testing Laboratory.

DGMS has given permission to the OEM for mining equipments, (For electrical, it is being pursued). Extension of Bank Guarantee from Chinese Side has been received.  Further action for shipment of PSLW will follow.  Delivery schedule yet to be submitted.

3.                  OTHER TURNKEY UG  PROJECTS:

Following are the upcoming turnkey projects where in mechanization would also be introduced. Details are given below:-

No. Name of Block/ Project Present Status
1 Kapuria (2 MTY) NIT floated on 6.7.09, pre bid held on 9.9.09 tender opened on 4.12.2009.Re-tendering done:

NIT uploaded on website on 30.4.10; Sale of Tender document-17.05.10 to 16.06.10;

Date of Receipt of Tender & Opening of Tender extended. Revised date of sale period is upto 25.10.10; Receipt of tender-25.11.10; Date of opening Tender-26.11.10

2 P.B. Project(1 MTY) NIT floated on 15.7.09. No participation received.Re-tendering done.

NIT floated on 9.04.10; Revised date of Receipt of Tender-20.09.10; Due date of Tender opening-22.09.10. Single tender received. One month’s extension given. New Date of opening Tender-28.10.10. Opened, being scrutinised. Single participation

3 Madhuband(1 MTY) NIT floated on 20.7.09. Pre bid was held on 30.10.09 Tender opened on 31.12.09Bid document revised as approved by FDs and date extended by two months, as approved, no participation received, in extended period.

Re-tendering done.

Revised date of receipt of Tender-30.08.10; Due date of Tender opening-01.09.10. Part-I opened on 1.09.10.  Part-I under evaluation by CMPDI. ( single participation)

4 Moonidih UG XV seam(s)(1.5 MTY) NIT floated on 12.8.09. Pre bid held on 2.11.09.Tender opened on 13.1.2010. No Party Participated.Retendering   done. NIT floated on 6.04.10; Revised Receipt of Tender-13.09.10; Part-I opened on 15.09.10.  Part-I under evaluation by CMPDI.(3 parties have participated)
5 Muraidih UG(2 MTY) Approved in 265th BCCL Board on1.9.09 for turnkey project. Retendering done. NIT floated on 2.12.09.Tender opened on 22.07.10. Four parties have participated. First TC Meeting held on 21.09.10. Clarification sought from bidder for opening Part-II
6 Amlabad(0.5 MTY) Proposal for floating NIT on Turnkey basis for 0.50 MTY has been deliberated in BCCL Board on 3.12.09.NIT floated on 27.05.10; Sale of Tender Document-07.06.10 to 26.06.10;

Tender has been cancelled on account of change in scope of work & fresh NIT floated on 1.09.10 .  Date of opening Tender-24.11.10

Recently BCCL  FD’s have approved 14 Nos of small schemes with a total investment of Rs. 30.71 Crs. for procurement of 44 nos. SDLs & other P&M required to operate these SDLs.

These schemes will be implemented shortly and the incremental production will be 1.03 MTe.

Other Turnkey Project’s NIT preparation at CMPDI  are:-

1.        Simlabahal      (2.0 MTY)

2.       Ghanoodih         (0.60 MTY)

3.       Lohapatty          (0.30 MTY)

4.       Bhowrah South (0.50 MTY)

Status of tenders regarding abandoned  UG mines in BCCL is furnished below:

Sl. No. Unit NIT Ref. No. & Date Status
1 Kenduadih Ref. No. 3201 dated 13.09.10 (i)      Sale period: From 27.09.10 to 27.10.10.(ii)    Receipt of tender: On 20.12.10

(iii)   Opening of tender: On 21.12.10

2 Kustore Ref. No. 3227 dated 16.09.10 (i)      Sale period: From 01.10.10 to 29.10.10.(ii)    Receipt of tender: On 03.01.11

(iii)   Opening of tender: On 04.01.11

3 Dharmaband Ref. No. 3250 dated 21.09.10 (i)      Sale period: From 06.10.10 to 08.11.10.(ii)    Receipt of tender: On 10.01.11

(iii)   Opening of tender: On 11.01.11

4 Victoria Ref. No. 3251 dated 21.09.10 (i)      Sale period: From 11.10.10 to 15.11.10.(ii)    Receipt of tender: On 17.01.11

(iii)   Opening of tender: On 18.01.11

NIT for Begunia is under preparation at CMPDI.

Three projects, namely, Industry, Gaslitand and Kujama have been dropped.


1. Maheshpur (5MTY)

Rapid Loading System with SILO system at Maheshpur (5.0Mty) approved by BCCL Board on 04.04.09.

CIL has also approved the proposal in its 253rd Board Meeting held on 22.12.2009 for a capital investment of Rs. 103.3326 Crs.

NIT floated on 06.112009, sale of tender document starts from 02.12.2009 .Pre bid meeting held on 03.02.2010. Eleven Parties participated in the pre-bid meeting.

Part-I opened on 3.05.10. Five parties responded.  Part-I has been evaluated by CMPDI & submitted. Based on the evaluation submitted by CMPDI clarification has been sought from Bidders.  Part-II, has been opened. It is being processed for approval of competent authority.  Price Bid (Part-III) opened on 27.09.2010.  TC Meeting held on 29.09.2010 to deliberate on Price Bid.

2. Tetulmari (5MTY)

CMPDI has taken up the job of preparation of report.

E) Capital Expenditure:

  2010-11(Rs. Crs.) Expend. Till 09/10(Rs. Crs.)
CapitalProject 350 94.61